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Community Centre Garden

Swinnnow, Leeds

The project via TCV is a renovation of a community centre garden in Swinnnow, Leeds. We held a community consultation to see what locals wanted, and refined the ideas to a few key areas. An additional path will be built up from the car park to the café seating area, surrounded by a sensory garden and information/history panels. There is a deaf and blind group who use the centre weekly, and have expressed that the current path is not suitable. The sensory garden will be popular for all, however our wish is provide a place where those with dementure can relax and enjoy their surroundings. The path will continue past the café area and up a rise, so wide and accessible steps will be needed, along with a railing. At the top of the rise there will be raised beds and a greenhouse, so that the current gardening group can have their own space. The space with provide opportunity and incentive for thegroup to expand, and produce will be sold at a value price on site. The money made will go back into the centre. On top of the rise there is also a shady area behind the centre building. This will be transformed into a wildlife and children’s outdoor education area, using all natural products such as live willow and mushroom seats made from felled tree trunks. Finally the old paving slabs that provide the current path will be brought up and layed again properly, to ensure the path is even. Woven willow screens will also be fixed around the bins. The outcome should be an appealing, inviting area that’s suitable for many users. If we got even one part of this list through you we would be extremely grateful.

Materials required

1 Whacker Plate 2 Slab Lifters 2 Saws Screws – 40mm Screws – 50mm Sand Paper Gate - brackets for feet x13 Gate - concrete bolts x52 Gate – hinges x4 Gate - Latch x1 Rails - 3.6x87x38 x6 Rails - 3.6x100x38 x12 Rails - 3.6×150.38 x6 Posts – for willow screen x13 Posts – 1.5x100x100 x7 1/2 round posts – 3.6×100 x3 Post fix x4 Concrete Concrete slabs x6 Pegs x60 Drop curb x1 Matting - path 40m Wire 4m MOT sub base x8 tonnes Grit sand x2 tonnes Yellow building sand x3 tonnes Woven Willow screen - 1828×1828 x3 Woven Willow screen - 1828×900 x6 Mushroom seats x8 Live willow x27 Woodchip Information Panels Bug Hotels Hedgehog box Bird box

Would you like to donate?

If you have some relevant materials that you would like to donate to this community project then please fill out the below form and one of the enviromate donate team will be in touch to discuss and arrange the donation.