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Community Food Project


House comprised of 7 flats that has a huge garden. We have just been given permission by the landlord to turn this garden into an allotment for us the residents and produce fresh food, of which there will be too much for us to consume, so all surplus produce we are donating to our local food bank, so our local community can have fresh organic produce too. We will be taking delivery of the new polytunnel, seeds, plants, shrubs and trees at the end of this March and beginning of April. We have only just managed to scrap together £500 between us to buy all this. However, we need help with sourcing used sleepers or used scaffold planks or bricks to make the raised beds and don't have the transport to get them either, so that is our biggest challenge with this fresh food project.

Materials required

I've measured up the raised beds to be: length 10ft x width 5ft x height 2ft of which we need 5. Any extra scaffold boards or bricks would be very helpful to make the cold frames, shelving in the polytunnel and seating area, but the most important is the raised beds. Scaffold Boards Bricks large plastic drums that we could re use as water buts

Would you like to donate?

If you have some relevant materials that you would like to donate to this community project then please fill out the below form and one of the enviromate donate team will be in touch to discuss and arrange the donation.