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Gym Possible

Newcastle Upon Tyne

We are a specialised gym for wheelchair users based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. We are set up as a charitable incorporated organisation under the name Pop-Up Gym (charity number:1170662). All of our members have some type of physical disability for example, Spinal Cord Injury, M.S, Spina Bifida, Stroke, Neurological disorders etc. Prior to the pandemic we had a large gym in Team Valley with a vibrant community of users many of whom had stated that the gym had changed their lives and given them the confidence to get out into the community again. After nearly going under during the pandemic after burning through nearly all our back up funds. Thankfully we were able to survive but had to start from scratch. We currently have a small gym space at Tumble Gymnastics in Longbenton, Newcastle. Unfortunately this gym is too small for our needs meaning we can only service around 20 gym members on a weekly basis as opposed to the 60+ we were able to accommodate at our previous premises. Former Olympian, Craig Heap who owns Tumble gymnastics has been extremely supportive of our project and has agreed to use some space on his site to build us a new gym facility. He has gained planning permission etc but now the challenge is funding the construction of the building. We are hoping it would be possible for you to help us with some materials for this project. We were recently featured on this years Great North Run footage which can be seen below; With best regards Drew Graham

Materials required

Initially we will need the materials to make a concrete foundation pad, 175mm roof purlins, timber structure for building. The plan for the building is for it to be 15 m x 8.5 m. Plasterboard for interior of building.

Would you like to donate?

If you have some relevant materials that you would like to donate to this community project then please fill out the below form and one of the enviromate donate team will be in touch to discuss and arrange the donation.