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Wood Workshop Project

Brent, London

Hello, I am a primary school teacher. We want to enrich our children's learning by building a workshop in our school. We have the space, some volunteers (teachers, parents and local citizens) but lack the finances to create a space where our pupils can emerse themselves in curricular projects whilst gaining valuable skills. The majority of our pupils have never used basic workshop tools such a junior hack-saw, a file, sandpaper etc. We would truly appreciate any donations of tools and materials to kick start our STEAM projects. Thank you for your time.

Materials required

Tools suitable for children ages 5-11: G-clamps Junior-hacksaws Files Metal rulers Measuring tapes Glue guns/ glue Hand drills Materials to build workshop/ benches: Wood Wooden crates Hooks Paint

Would you like to donate?

If you have some relevant materials that you would like to donate to this community project then please fill out the below form and one of the enviromate donate team will be in touch to discuss and arrange the donation.