The DIY Pub Project: Enviromate Member Completes Garden Pub Ready for The Euro's!

Posted. 23rd June 2016

Now We Like a good Man Cave as much as the next guy, a sanctuary of relaxation from the stresses of everyday life and a thought shack where you and your privileged mate’s can discuss taking over the world. So when we was kindly invited by Peter Davis one our Enviromate members to drop by and take a look at a finished project, an impressive garden DIY pub complete with beer garden, using some leftover materials found from our construction marketplace – we didn’t hang around the office too long to discuss it. And boy was we impressed!

Situated in the beautiful countryside village of River, Kent this beautiful bit of kit, created by one mans dream of the social feel of the local pub and a passion for a pint and of course the footy without leaving the house.
Just in time for the the Euro’s, Peter has created his palace of relaxation to enjoy a cold Stella Artoris, throw some spears and catch up with his pals to discuss which stage of the footy England will be dusting off their passports for the return flight home. Over a cold pint Peter explained;

“The build took around two/three months, working on it after work and some weekends and has all together cost just over £3,000 for everything. I managed to get 80% of the materials reclaimed, i used the Enviromate marketplace in search of leftover building materials and managed to source the decking, architrave and paint all locally at next to nothing which was a great help – The doors and windows where just about to be thrown in a skip which i managed to rescue and the pub equipment was sourced over time through various other marketplaces.

In all I am made up with the project, I have a nice space to chill out, using reclaimed and surplus materials on a budget. The only issue is my mate’s don’t want to leave!
Pete’s Pub is a thing of beauty and we are made up that our marketplace of leftover/surplus building materials have played a role in the finished project. It’s saved Peter money and kept materials out of the waste stream and produced an amazing space – Win Win!

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