Top 10 ways to Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose Old Cable Spools

Posted. 4th March 2019

You’ve probably seen these several times and maybe you have thought that they look interesting. Well, the great news is Cable Spools can be easily upcycled and repurposed and are just as versatile as the more commonly used wooden pallets. With some creativity and your time they can be made into coffee tables, planters, chairs, clocks and much more!

Reuse is so important because not only does it confront the challenges of waste reduction, reuse also sustains a comfortable quality of life and supports a productive economy. Reuse keeps goods and materials out of the waste stream, preserves the “embodied energy” that was originally used to manufacture an item and helps build towards a more circular economy as well as creating less landfill.

Why not check out these great cable spool upcycle ideas and get inspired for your own project today!

1.  Look at this Industrial style dining table made by adding a clear gloss on top and a new set of iron legs.

2.  A book case and reading table in one, loving the added castors for ease of use too.

3.  One for the new parents out there - a moon shaped rocking crib for your new arrival.

4.  A Clock with character which would look great anywhere in the home.

5.  What a cute bedside table, no jazzing up required for this one.

6.  A neat corner shelf to house your latest reads and house plants too.

7.  This is a great upcycle, just by upholstering the seat cover and painting the base you have a lovely new stool.

8.  Wow! What a stunning coffee table, loving the use of rope too giving it that more homely feel.

9.  This planter for the garden adds a little bit of quirkiness to your outside area and would be so easy to recreate.

10.  A table for 2, why buy new when you can create something as stylish as this.

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