8 ways to Reuse Your Old Bathtub After A Renovation

Posted. 12th March 2019

Looking to renovate your bathroom and clueless what to do with your old bathtub?

Look past taking it straight to the dump and think about repurposing it into a functional household item like a sofa, chair, or garden pond. All it requires is a little creative imagination and DIY skills to turn waste into a star piece.

Here are some creative DIY ideas to recycle bathtub into a timeless object of beauty, which will give wings to your imagination.

1.  Outside bench/seating area - Rustic and simple.

2.  Quirky chair - What’s more you can make 2 from one bath.

3.  Huge coolbox - Perfect for summer BBQ’s.

4.  Jazzy sofa - An eye catching piece to say the least.

5.  Chaise Lounge - It’s mad to think this started off as a bath.

6.  Outdoor Pond - Whether you have a big or small garden why not give this one a try.

7.  Painted planter - Loving the purple tones adding a little style to any garden.

8.  Rocking Chair - Ideal for indoors or outdoors catch us rocking on this all day.

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