Posted. 14th February 2019

From old discarded wooden pallets, with a little imagination and skills, you can create tables for dining, working tables, kitchen islands, swings, couches, chairs, fences, flower boxes, picture frames, etc ...

Alongside this environmental damage, the building industry is also a major contributor to greenhouse gases - cement manufacturing alone accounts for 7% of global CO2 emissions.

1. Look at this awesome TV stand and bookcase in one made from 3 pallets, sanded down for a natural effect.

2. Another Pallet Entertainment system this time with the bonus of added drawers. We love the dark smokey finish on this too!

3. This illuminated pallet TV stand will bring a cool vibe to any living room and create a whole different cinema experience in your own home.

4. Simple yet effective, 3 pallets stacked on top of one another with a glass top to make it that little more homely.

5. Not a pallet TV stand in the real term but a TV wall holder made from two white painted pallets, original, simple and with a nice white finish.

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