How to Build a Pallet Sofa

Posted. 21st April 2017

So this is probably one of Enviromate's favourite pallet projects. It is made out of all reclaimed materials: pallets, cushions, pillows, and the fabric is almost "reclaimed". The cushions were made from old baby mattresses and pillows. Super easy to build. Check it out below!

Step 1: Collect All of Your Pallets
First thing to do is collect a bunch of pallets. Around 9 average size pallets should be fine. Try and chose the best quality ones as they last longer. Also find some that have a cool brand wood burned or stamped in the front. It makes for a little extra detail.

Step 2: Cut All Pallets the Same Overall Width
Then cut all of the pallets at 27.5 inches wide so it is easier to mix and match later, (back or bottom). After measuring, cut straight across all of the slats, then remove the few inches still hanging onto the side 2 x 4. Reuse the 2 x 4 by sliding it into the gap and reattaching it with nails. Overall length when laying out, should make a perfect L. 78" by 78”.

Step 3: Create Your Cushions
Next lay out the cushions on the pallet to see what length is required overall. The image here shows the left pallet upside down. This will show how to extend the front 2 x 4 to hide the gap of the pallet being shorter than the cushions laid out. This spaces the pallet out a little bit when properly put together.

You can use leftover baby mattresses and cushions. This is the best find because foam is expensive! You can use the full width of the mattress but cutting it in half works well for the back dimensions. The material used to cover the cushions and pillows was from old curtains.

Step 4: Securing the Backs
Secure the backs with a few screws. When you get to the corner, overlap the pallets so you can screw in along the seam. Use 2 inch screws.

Step 5: Use It!
This is the best part! You're finished and can now enjoy it. Awesome for patio parties, bonfires, naps, etc. Do it all!

Total Cost: £10, maybe?

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